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“I love Rovena’s Masalas..they give that authentic Mangalorean taste and flavour. People who want the recipe..even that is attached with each masalas packet. Try once and you will not stop going for it”​

Cecilia Hira Dsouza

“Rovena’s Spices & Aromas suits its name. Its packing and shipping is perfect. The masala powders are excellent. While cooking the aroma fills the whole house. The taste of the food is exotic. Easy to prepare lip-smacking taste.”​

Marina Dorothy

“Very nice masala powders, perfect taste, very useful in day to day cooking. Nice aroma and no added colour.”​

Lavina D’souza

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Loved the aroma of the masalas. Very pure and authentic

Rated 5 out of 5
15th September 2021

Loved the aroma of the masalas as well as the taste. It is a perfect blend of all the spices in the right combination. Very pure and authentic. Tastes just like home made masalas. I recommend you give it a try once. You and your family will simply love it

Alston Dsouza

Bafat and Sukha masalas are excellent

Rated 5 out of 5
15th September 2021

For the last one year, we have been using Rovina Bafat and Chicken Sukha masala. It’s excellent. Also tried other masalas of Rovina brand. All are in good taste and quality.

Vimala Lewis