How to Make Toddy from Coconut Water

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  1. Thank you Rovina for the innovative recipe of making Toddy at home during lockdown. Will try it for sure.

  2. My toddy wasn’t strong. Do you know how to make stronger toddy so that there more fluff and more toddy aroma in the sannas. Thank you Rovena.


  3. Hi Rovena,
    Will certainly try your toddy recipe. I have a few questions please. Does the jar need to be opaque or can it be a clear glass jar? Can I use regular coconut water one can buy from a supermarket that come in tetrapacks? Does one store the jar at room temperature, in a fridge or in a warm place?
    Many thanks.
    I look forward to your answers.
    Thanks for sharing your recipe,

    1. fermentation should be done at room temp or in a warm place, after 24 hrs, you can put it in the refrigeartor, depending how you like to consume it

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