jack fruit wine

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  1. Dear Ms Rovena,

    Good that you have made jack fruit beverage (we can’t call it wine, as the beverage made from grapes only can be classified as wine) and liked it.

    We are looking forward to produce it (apart from alcoholic beverages from other fruits & vegetables (such as beet, carrot, sweet potato etc.,) in bulk and market it agressively across India & abroad.

    This shall make in providing cheaper, healthy & differen beverage to drinkers apart from helping farmers.

  2. Hi Rovena,
    Today I got all the ingredients together and kept the wine to be ready. But I have some of the leftover water from the boiled jackfruit with me. I intended to use it instead of water. But forgot. Any idea how to make use of it instead of wasting it?

  3. Hi Rovena,
    Thank you for your recipe. I have kept the jackfruit must for fermenting as per your above recipe on June 4, 2021 by stirring everyday for ten days. Thereafter I have closed same and kep for further fermenting. Now please guide me as to when I should strain the must and bottle the wine.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Cyprian, thank you for trying out my recipe. It is ideal to strain in 5 to 7 days. Do not keep it for a longer duration as the taste turns bitter.
      Strain it with a fine muslin cloth. This may take a long time maybe a day. Don’t force with spoon or other things. let it strain by gravity itself. This helps in getting clear wine and also tastes better. Once stored in the bottles, do not move or shake the bottles for a couple of days. Any impurities left will sediment and slowly pour the top clear wine into another bottle.
      Don’t forget to sterile all the bottles or things that come directly in contact with the wine during the process.

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  4. Hi
    Good evening.. thank you for your recipe am going to try it out.
    But if am making a mega production how can use the correct measurements please.
    Thank you..
    #Joseph,. Uganda#

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